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Every bound slave can break his chains with his own hands
Pour honey on the sugar and cover it with sugar
Love is not true if it is mixed with calculations that have nothing to do with it
I finally found out that the secret of women's eternal youth is to lie about their age.
The power of love is peace. It does not care about rationality, rules, honor or disgrace. It can make all fear, shock, and pain sweet when they are suffering
The way of true love is not smooth
Love that's not so hot will last forever
Love is blind. Lovers can't see what they have done
The ambition of love is painful
Love is just a kind of madness
Love is not the sweet words under the shade of flowers, the secret words in the peach blossom garden, the soft tears, or the rigid force. Love is based on the common foundation.
Life is like a story that repeats itself
Frivolity and vanity are insatiable gluttons, who will inevitably sacrifice themselves after devouring everything
The gift of simplicity and loyalty is always desirable
Before you get something, it's a request. After you get something, it's an order.
Perfect love makes people weak; imperfect love hurts people.
Night makes the eye lose its function, but it makes the hearing of the ear more sensitive. Although it hinders the activity of vision, it gives double compensation to the hearing
When the love boat is overturned by the waves, let's say goodbye friendly
Love, like charcoal, burns. We have to find a way to cool it. If you let it go, you have to burn a heart.
A hasty marriage is seldom happy
All the glittering things are not gold, all the pleasant words are not good words
Because she was born beautiful, she was pursued by men; because she was a woman, she was captured by men
Like rock, human heart can have holes pierced by water drops
Life is like a fool talking about dreams, full of noise and commotion, but without any significance
The path of true love is not smooth.
Love is harder to hide than felony; the night of love has the sun at noon
Love is not the sweet words under the shade of flowers, nor the sweet words in the peach blossom garden, nor the soft tears, nor the rigid coercion. Love is based on the common language
The coldness at first will make the later love more intense.
Loyal love is in my heart, I can't estimate the wealth I enjoy
The power of love is peace. It does not care about rationality, rules, honor or disgrace. It can make all fear, shock, and pain sweet when they are suffering
A flood can occur in a trickle
Environment is created by love or moved by love.
Lust is like a charcoal fire, it must be cooled, otherwise, the fire will scorch the heart
Real love can't be expressed in words. Behavior is the best explanation of loyalty
Love is a flower growing on the edge of the cliff. If you want to pick it, you must have courage.
Love that's not so hot will last forever
Love, your thorns have pierced the eyes of those who are trapped in them.
Poisons can sometimes cure diseases
I admit that there is nothing in the world more painful than the punishment of love, and there is nothing happier than serving it.
Enrichment of thought does not lie in the richness of speech
If I had to die, I would take darkness as my bride and embrace it in my arms
When we can't afford happiness, we should never walk too close to the window and stare at happiness
Trick needs disguise, truth likes sunshine
A temperamental woman is like a billowing turbid water, who is unwilling to take a sip even if her mouth is dry and her tongue is dry
Fate is like a prostitute, the poor are abandoned
Is it created by love or moved by love
The coldness at first will make the later love more enthusiastic
Love is harder to hide than felony; the night of love has the sun at noon
Your sweet love is the treasure. I don't care to change the situation with the emperor
Love is a flower growing on the edge of the cliff. You must have courage to pick it


The most annoying person, if you study carefully, will always find that he is just a poor man.
Ah, it's time to be famous. It's too late to be happy. Even if the individual can wait, the times are in a hurry, already in the process of destruction, there is still more damage to come.
If a woman can't get the love of the opposite sex, she can't get the respect of the same sex. That's what a woman is.
Love turns out to be drinking poison with a smile.
If you don't flirt with a woman, she says you're not a man; if you flirt with her, she says you're not a gentleman.
It is a kind of compensation that people waste because they are unhappy.
The result of spiritual love is always marriage, but love often stops at a certain stage, with little hope of marriage.
Some silly words, not only to say, but also to carry their own. It's so embarrassing to hear it. For example, I love you. I love you all my life.
If you suspect your wife, she will cheat you. If you don't suspect your wife, she will suspect you.
You will never understand my sadness, just like the darkness of the day.
The chess player has gone. Who cares about a game of Canqi beyond the world of mortals.
If there is smell in recollecting this thing, it is the fragrance of camphor. It is sweet and safe, like distinct piece of music, sweet and disconsolate, like forgotten sorrow.
Woman... Women talk about men all their lives, read about men and complain about men forever.
If lost lover and still with the original wife, then this original wife becomes rice dregs always stick on the body, lover is the heart that unforgettable cinnabar mole.
For people after the age of 30, ten years and eight years is nothing more than a matter of sewing. For young people, three years and five years can be a lifetime.
Once a woman falls in love with a man, such as a cup of poisoned wine given to a woman, she is willing to drink it in one of the most beautiful positions, and all her heart is handed over to her. Life and death are beyond her control!
Remember despair and hope, fighting each other.
Because of love so compassion, because know so tolerance.
The furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, not each other, but I stand in front of you, but you don't know that I love you.
Life is a gorgeous robe, full of fleas.
It's easy to imagine a person to be very noble, and then quickly find his inferiority, again and again, disillusioned.
Love is a dream, but some people always oversleep.
I can imagine the psychology of ecstatic people; I can't understand you modest people!
Hand in hand is a very sad process, because hand in hand is to let go.
Few women are loved for the beauty of their souls.
After leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.
If you really want to die, you will die. But life is more terrible than death. Life can develop unrestricted, become worse, worse, even worse than the most unbearable state in the original imagination.
Disappointment, sometimes also a kind of happiness, because there are expectations, so it will be disappointed. Because there is love, there will be expectations, so even if disappointed, is a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a little painful.
Some men like to teach bad women, but also like to influence bad women, make her a good woman.
Everyone is locked in their own little world. She can't get in even if she breaks her head.
He said her green glass raincoat was like a medicine bottle. You are the medicine for me.
The pain of parting and disappointment is gone.
If it's a man, go to him too, and all the relationships that can happen will happen.
Because love, so compassion; because know, so tolerance.
Love is not a refuge. If you want to go in, you will be driven out.
Parting is for reunion.
Maybe we can love and be loved by two people at the same time. Unfortunately, we can only stay together with one of them.
Some people are destined to wait for others, some people are destined to be waited for.
Be famous as early as possible. It's too late to be happy. Even if the individual can wait, the times are in a hurry, already in the process of destruction, there is still more damage to come.
However, wine is in the stomach and things are in the heart. There is always a layer between them. No matter how much wine you drink, you can't drown your heart.
Love will end when it comes to an end. You can't stop when you don't want to.
When a person is in love, he can show the highest quality of his nature. That's why love stories are always popular.
Like a person, will humble to the dust, and then flowers.
You are such a good person. When a woman sees you, she wants to be your matchmaker, but she doesn't want to leave you to herself.
After all, what is true and what is false?
It's hard to love someone. It's harder to give up the one you love.
Do you love me? It's dangerous. How dangerous is it? I can't live alone.
A person, if not free, it's because he doesn't want to be free, a person, if he can't leave, it's because he doesn't want to go away, a person, has too many excuses for you, it's because he doesn't want to care.
Life is a gorgeous robe full of lice.
One of the definitions of love, I think, is to exaggerate the difference between one opposite sex and all the others.

If you can't forget him, don't forget. It doesn't need to work hard to really forget.
The form and weight of love is never set in our hearts. What kind of man do you meet? What kind of love do you talk about.
Shuoda's incomparable self and this rotten and beautiful world, two corpses tied back to back, you fall on me, I fall on you, sink.
I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in the world, no matter when or where, anyway, you know, there is always such a person.
You give up our warm present for a beautiful future.
If I don't love you, I won't miss you, I won't envy the opposite sex around you, I won't lose self-confidence and fighting spirit, and I won't suffer. If only I could not love you.
Love is not complicated. It comes and goes in three words, not "I love you", "I hate you", but "forget it", "how are you?" "I'm sorry".
This kind of thing is just the broken shell of life. Many years have passed, and the melon seeds are swallowed one by one. Everyone knows the taste. The only thing left for everyone is the black and white melon seed shell.
Do something for others, and a little resentment, it's interesting to live, otherwise space is empty.
It's not enough to love each other. It's enough to get married.
Women have not yet got their own share of family business, their own share of the burden of sorrow and joy, is often that kind of attention to the spirit of waiting.
For those who can't speak, clothes are a kind of language, and pocket plays are carried with them.
You fall on me, I fall on you, sink.
Man is an animal, but no one is as sure an animal as she is.
We are all used to loneliness.
Why do you have to forget someone so painfully? Time will make you forget. If time can't make you forget people you shouldn't remember, what's the meaning of our lost years?
It's very difficult to deal with emotion. You can't put it in the fridge and think it can be kept for several days without deterioration.
It is a strict test to be able to love a person to the extent of asking him to take his pocket money.
Then one day, no longer in love, the two people who were very close became far, even farther than before.
Some people pursue happiness, so try; some people have happiness, so give up.
People dressed up in a decent way appear in a decent place, see the same kind and be seen. This is social intercourse.
The new lovelorn I ran, in order not to feel lonely.
This face seems to be a well written first chapter, which makes people want to read it.
Love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.
It is a strict experiment to be able to love a person to the extent of asking him to take his pocket money.
There is a price to everything. The price of happiness is pain.
Whether you will. I thought that if I had to leave you, I would not be short-sighted or love others. I will just wither.
Whether you will. I thought that if I had to leave you, I would not be short-sighted or love others any more, I would just wither!
Small worries and difficulties can form a serious outlook on life.
It's not something that we can control. What we can do is to cherish the short time when we meet.
I know nothing about the extragalactic system, and I know nothing about you!
Love is between motion and stillness: fate is between gathering and scattering.


In the past and in the present, things are different from people. In the world, only mountains and rivers are not old.
If love is mixed with a calculation that has nothing to do with itself, it is not true love.
Weather forecast: sometimes I miss you this morning. In the afternoon, I turn up to think violently. I expect my mood will decrease. Affected by the low pressure, I expect the weather will last until I see you.
When you start the machine in the morning, you can see my blessing to you, a rose in your heart, bringing you good luck for the day.
When I'm not around you, don't eat the old woman's red apples, or buy her scarves and combs. Remember! Say hello to the seven dwarfs for me!
I miss your singing to the sea, the sea gave this wish to the sky, the sky asked the clouds to turn into rain again, gently fall beside you, you, received it?
When there is real love between two people, they will not consider age, economic conditions, beauty and ugliness of appearance, height and short stature, and other external unimportant factors.
The Swan flies away and the bird doesn't return. I miss the past time. There are two dagger shadows under the cloud and the moon. The current meets again in several places. When the sun goes down, people lean on the moon. The single noble follows me.
A Yao Tai opera in the sky, a love of life and death in the world. A gentleman and a gentleman are friends by the same way, while a villain and a villain are friends by the same interest.
Once owned, do not forget. We should cherish what we can't get. Don't give up what belongs to you. What has been lost will be remembered.
If one day we are not together, we should also be together.
Drenched in the rain of the air, tired sad, I remember the fairy tale has slowly melted.
True love can't be expressed in words. Behavior is the best explanation of loyalty.
Love is like wealth, depending on the wheel of fate, which is always in the violent ups and downs.
You don't know I miss you, because you don't love me, I know you don't want me, but still love you, because I'm too stupid. Maybe sometimes, escape is not because of what you are afraid to face, but what you are waiting for.
God said, everyone is a semicircle, this life is looking for another semicircle. I found it. That's you. You will always be the treasure in my hand until my whole life.
Even though I have participated in many parties and social activities, I always feel that you are the best. I am very happy to marry you.
Clearly care too much about a person, why choose to hurt? Use attack to test the bottom line, use injury to ask for love! Can not go back once, helpless willfulness, a heartbreak, two people experience!
The feeling of missing someone is like drinking a cup of cold water and then condensing into tears.
No matter how bad things are today, you should not feel sad. Because today is the youngest day of your life.
If there is only minutes left in the world, I will recall the ups and downs with you; if there is only minutes left in the world, I will kiss you affectionately; if there is only minutes left in the world, I will say I love you again.
Why do you have to forget someone so painfully? Time will make you forget. If time can't make you forget people you shouldn't remember, what's the meaning of our lost years?
A person who has been hurt by feelings can be slowly forgotten, but if the heart has been thinking about it, it will make the injury it has suffered, and it will never be cured.
Love is like a pair of socks. The more ugly socks look, the more likely they are to be with you forever. The more beautiful socks you like, the less often they are.
In this sad and beautiful March, I passed through my thin youth, through Corydalis, through kapok, through the sadness, joy and impermanence.
If you don't text "harass" me, I will block you financially, isolate you spiritually, torture you spiritually, destroy you and abandon you in my life, but I think about it again and again, and I still can't bear you!
Please pat the dust off the love letters written to each other and read them again. Restore the memories of the past and experience our love again.
Send a resume to you, I want you to know me more. To know all your partner's sizes, you should be able to buy anything for him.
Don't say it all your life. I've said it all my life and believed it all my life. But in fact, life is too long, long enough to change one person, forget one person, or even fall in love with another person.
When you are not around, put your right hand on your right face, instead of me touching your face, put your left hand on your heart, let me hear you think my heartbeat.
If a drop of water represents a blessing, I will send you a South China Sea; if a star represents a happiness, I will send you a galaxy.
The husband thought of managing his wife, far less than the lover thought of approaching his mistress; the forbidden son thought of closing the door, far less than the prisoner thought of escaping; so there were as many difficulties as possible, and the lover and the prisoner should succeed as before.
Fish can't live without water, bees love flowers, friends care about each other, good wishes accompany you, sincere blessing to you: happiness will always accompany you.
Memory wants to be the water in the palm. No matter you spread it out or hold it tightly, it will flow clean from the fingers.
Love a person is to dial up the phone, suddenly do not know what to say, originally want to listen to the familiar voice, really want to dial up is just a string in my heart.
When love can not be perfect, I would rather choose no regrets, no matter how beautiful the next life is, I don't want to lose the memory of you in this life, I don't want the eternal beauty, I just want you in the reincarnation of the next life!
Due to the strong solar ions recently, there will be no signal when you call your cell phone in the sun. Please hold your other hand high to block the sunlight when you call your cell phone! Remember, the higher the better!
Woman: I like big dolls! I love French perfume! Diamonds represent eternity! Man: wait, baby! Do you like cheap things? Woman: Yes! I like you best!
Heart on the road, read in the distance. The branches of July are gradually covered with green pulp. Behind my bright smile, only you can understand the sadness.
You may forget your ID number, your email address, or your anniversary. However, I hope you will never forget my phone number.
From farewell, I remember meeting each other, and several soul dreams opened up Hongmeng with you. Whoever is in love is only in love with Fengyue.
There is no trace of wings in the sky, but the birds have flown by; the heart has not been cut by a knife, but the pain is so clear. The softest parts of the chest, the wounds hurt by the lovers, are much sharper than those hurt by the limbs, and only time can cure them.
I love you, but I dare not say it. I'm afraid I will die soon after I say it. I'm not afraid to die, but I'm afraid that no one will love you as much as I do after I die.
I hope you will be happier because of me, and I will not let you shed another tear; if a rose changes your smile, I will send you roses from all over the world!
I made a wish in front of the Buddha, hoping to turn it into a small tree and stand by the road you pass every day. I will love and miss all over the branches, I hope one day you will love me!
When you read this message, you owe me a hug; delete this message, owe me a kiss; if you reply, you owe me all; if you don't reply, you are mine.
Love should be willing to be plain, but not plain; it should be willing to be ordinary, but not ordinary. No longer think of the past, no longer cling to the past.
I really want to be your mobile phone, in your arms, in your hands, in your eyes, in your heart!
When you see this short message, you have been hit by the fierce love poison. The only antidote is to marry me. Don't worry, let's get married!
I can't see through my heart, only a mysterious voice trance to hear, is to meet your face, palpitation moment, feel joy and luck. Touch your chest and listen. Say I love you.
My lovesickness falls on you lightly, as light as the footprints of birds, which makes you unconscious and stealthily take all your breath away.
You are destined to be the scenery that I love to stop in this life, and the sentimentality that I never give up. For you, I would like to cut my fingers, drip blood into a circle, circle your affectionate, even if the roses fall into the dust, I would like to wait for the heartache of this life.
I can be too busy to forget the time, but I can't be too busy to miss you, even if I have only one minute of free time, that second is all about you.
Who is waiting for whom hopelessly, who will leave who behind? Who is dedicated to who's loneliness, who will return who to nothingness? Heartbroken ruler can't measure the distance of Acacia, the fretting corners of mouth, dotted in the night sky where I miss your heart
With you, I will no longer be an eagle flying alone in the blue sky. I'd rather stay in the tree in front of your door, watch you and protect you.
Don't complain that you don't know what to give me. When you go shopping together, pay attention to something I really like.
A misty rain, a lovesickness, the memory of you, just the soul, your body is still in the ancient town of Nanguo. If you can meet with a story in the rain, she would rather cut this bitter lovesickness rain flower.
Five hundred times of looking back in the past, in exchange for this life brush by. If it's you, I'd like to meet you ten thousand times and tell you, "I want to see you well.".
It is a serious moral defect of quite a number of young people that short-lived feelings can't love each other sincerely and reliably for a long time.
Romance is a cloud of free and easy style, while reality is a land bearing life. Both, especially the reality that can stand.
I'm probably a bird. Full of vigilance, not easy to stay. So it's been flying.
This life has you, so my love is so strong, in fact, I've read the last look back when you leave, that is the most helpless refusal in the world, your unwillingness is silent.
I have a grateful heart to send a message to miss you and me, and sincerely let you and my heart connect. In this way, we have met a beautiful encounter in this life, with boundless love. Love you, wish to hold your hand forward.
Because of the stars, the night will not be dark; because one day, the sea is blue; because of dreams, life is full of hope; because of you, my world is brilliant!
Lovely you steal my love steal my heart, I decide to sue you to court, what crime should you be sentenced to? The judge went through all the criminal records and cases, and finally the jury unanimously passed: you are my life.

Miss you is a kind of * *, miss you is also a kind of happiness, miss you, is the source of my happiness, let me go back to the beginning of love, that kind of miss in the bottom of my heart spread, spread
There is no soft love life in the hard city. It's not Lin Daiyu. It's not a mirror that people of all kinds will never see because of sadness. However, I can see the smoke and clouds in the world for thousands of years as soon as I can.
I love you. I will recite this sentence in my heart every day for a hundred, no, a thousand, not enough, countless times
I really love you, close your eyes, think I can forget, but the tears, but did not deceive themselves.
Relations are not regulated unilaterally. They are delicate and require joint attention to regulation and regular lubrication.
The most romantic thing: holding your tender hand, snuggling through the wind and frost; leaning on my broad shoulder, counting the vicissitudes of love; hiding in my solid chest, no longer feeling helpless for love; loving me, not letting you hurt!
Love is nothing but an external thing for a man, but a whole life for a woman.
Eyes are like water, reflecting the stars outside the window. The blurred starlight flickers in the light clouds. The air is full of your breath. You are the dream I can't forget in my life, the love I can't explain.
I have passed through my thin youth, through the ups and downs of sadness and impermanence.
Forgive me for telling a stranger your mobile number. His name is Cupid. He asked him to help me tell you: my heart likes you, my heart cares about you, and my heart waits for you.
If you love someone and keep a love, you can go outing together in early spring, appreciate the lotus together in midsummer, watch the moon together in shallow autumn, and look for the plum together in deep winter, not tired, but happy, extraordinary, but plain. Then there will be no regrets in this life.
I make you tired, you make me suffer, things up to now, I have no way to go. I don't want to get drunk, yes, I'm not. Your stubbornness, it breaks my heart! I will wither for you.
Seeing you, I'm afraid of electric shock; not seeing you, I need to recharge; without you, I think I'll lose power. Love you is my career, miss you is my career, hold you is my specialty, kiss you is my profession!
There is a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a flower. When your eyes fall on your mobile phone, my blessings will be collected by you. No matter you are free or busy, my love will always be by your side.
If a person does not have the ability to help the one he loves, it is better not to talk about love or not. Of course, help is not equal to love, but love can not exclude help.
If you love me, I'd like to break the angel's feather hope, just for the meeting between the world and you; if you love me, I'd like to see the next life as a green lantern, but I want to cultivate this life never to be separated.
Some people will always be engraved in memory, even if they forget his voice, his smile and his face, but the feeling when they think of him will never change.
There is no desert in the world. Every time I think of you, God will drop a grain of sand, and then there will be Sahara! There is no sea in the world. Every time I think of you, God will drop a tear and there will be the Pacific Ocean.
Some of the mistakes that have been made are due to late, some are due to deliberate avoidance, and more often they stand in a daze. We are wrong again and again, but we never know how to learn from it and do some introspection.
Although I know that the distant lovesickness is very bitter, I still choose lovesickness; although I know that the dream of meeting is very short, I still choose to dream; although I know that waiting for your heart is very painful, I still choose to wait forever
If you give an inch regularly, you will satisfy any woman. It's because you don't want to make some romantic gestures, that's why women are so angry that they ask you to take out one foot.
Years of fuzzy face, the future makes us feel more and more lonely. Until one day you look for the lost memory, only to find that the memory of the people are so familiar.
As long as there is such a person in the world, then others will become to make do with it. And I don't want to make do with it.
At least once in my life, I forget myself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership or even love. Just want to meet you in my most beautiful years.
The noise and brightness of the world, the joy and happiness of the world, just like the clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, mildly, warm as the spring, I have no extravagant hope, as long as you are happy, do not grieve.
Everyone has a star to guard. It's said that it's a lover's heart. Dear you, I have engraved your name on the star. It's the star I'm waiting for you and loving you.
The feeling of missing someone is like drinking a large glass of ice water, and then using a long time to flow into tears.
Fall in love with you at first sight, hold you without saying a word, come to you in three days and two ends, no one will kiss you in four, marry you in five days, and do not separate in sixty years!
Many people love one person wrongly because of loneliness, but more people love one person wrongly because of loneliness for a whole life. We can love each other, but we are doomed to be unable to keep each other. It's not that I don't love you enough, but I'm not sure if this love is the most correct.
Life has you, the sun is shining; life has you, the four seasons are warm; life has you, not afraid of hardships; life has you, looking forward to forever.

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